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If you’re warmed up and ready to jump in the game, then check out the current positions on our roster. We’ll supply the coaching and game plan, you supply the drive, discipline, and determination. With success in mind as the ultimate goal, we strive to ensure that every play we make and every action we take demonstrates integrity and commitment. Like any winning team, we share common goals, we are committed to success, and we love to celebrate our victories together!
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Our Winning Record.......
Since 1985, we have partnered with healthcare facilities nationwide to help them process their patient accounts as thoroughly and accurately as possible.  It's what we do best. 
This gives those healthcare providers more time to do what they do best.  And that adds up to a winning season for everyone!


Our winning record

Since 1985, we have partnered with major hospitals and healthcare facilities nationwide to help them process their healthcare claims reimbursements and resolve patient accounts better than they can on their own. It’s what we do best. This gives those healthcare providers more time to do what they do best, provide exceptional care for their patients. That adds up to a winning season for everyone!